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Experienced Staff
Precision Mold Making Technology
After-sale service

Getting Precisely What You Need

Realizing a mold is nothing. Realizing your idea is every thing!

Our team of experienced project engineers will work with you in every step of the way, bridging your ideas into reality.


Experienced Staff

Our team mostly consists of veterans with more than 10 years of experience

  • Design: 16 engineers
  • CAM programming: 3 specialists
  • Staff: 90 workers
  • Quality Assurance: 10+ specialists
Software licenses:
  • Pro/Engineer: 20 seats
  • AutoCAD: 19 seats
  • We are the only company with Mold Flow Plastic Insight - Full Option

Precision Mold Making Technology

We make molds for injection machines from 30 to 1420 tons.
Warranty: 1 million shot
Mold material: imported directly from steel mills with certificate of origin from Chamber of Commerce: Bohler - Austria; DEW - Germany; Daido and Nippon - Japan

Equipments: 90% from Switzerland, Germany, and Japan

  • CNC Milling: 50 centers
  • EDM: 25 centers
  • Wire EDM: 7 centers
  • Grinders: 8 machines
  • Other auxiliary machines: 20 machines
  • Gaging system: 100% from System 3R - Sweden

With us, repeatability and reliability is even more important than accuracy. That is why we periodically calibrate all of our equipments. Please see Quality Assurance & Calibration for more details.

High-speed machining centers Mikron XSM600U (5-axis) và HSM600 - From Switzerland

OKK and Toshiba machining centers from Japan

Ultra-precision Wire EDM FI2050TW - Made in Switzerland

After-sale service

Injection molds have to work in very harsh conditions. We thoroughly understand that as a mold maker, we do not just sell molds but also transfer a production process to customers. Hence, we constantly strive to provide customers with the best possible service through:

  • Mold's durability: this is pivotal in all of our activities. All molds must be designed with the most durable structure so that they can withstand the several years of production. Even after the warranty period, our molds can still provide products in according to customer's expectation.
  • Components: we store every single drawing and information about our molds. Besides, we always strictly follow the drawings. Thus, we can manufacture replacing components and send to distant customers at the shortest lead-time.
  • Repair and maintenace: thanks to our rigid database, we can readily comply with any customer requests on repairing and maintenace. We always set top priority for these jobs in order to return the molds to customers as fast as possible.